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– Full day excursion from 11 am to 7 pm
– Departure from the Fisherman’s hut under the restaurant, pier no.5
– Get ready for sea adventures with Captain Chris
– Swimming in beautiful hidden sea bays
– Entrance to the cave on Galeb’s rocks
– Joint snorkeling
– Refreshments are always available on board
– At sunset it is possible to see dolphins
– In the end, a surprise gift awaits you

Departure from pier no.5 below Ribarska Koliba restaurant

Full day excursion from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Refreshments are always available on board

In the end, a surprise gift awaits you

Dear friends, come on my ship on a wonderful voyage.


I want us to feel the sea together with all our senses. When you get on the ship, leave all the jobs, titles, colleges, bosses.
Let time stand still, bring a cheerful spirit, an open heart, a desire for adventure and a smile.

My story is:

“Come, taste and feel the sea”
“Relax / Trust me”
Let’s create together not just another boat excursion but one day to remember and when we remember it, let it open a happy place in our hearts.

And as Jacques Cousteau said:
“Once the sea throws its spells then it keeps man in a web of wonder forever. “

The very address of my birth determined the path I take. I was born on the pier in Pula, only the road separated me from the sea. My parents always had a wooden boat with which we went fishing and spent our free time. My childhood was marked by hooks, nets and long lines. Mom was the initiator of everything, she caught fish and sold it at the Pula fish market. My brother and I followed her in this, so the sea is woven into my family: habits, customs, work and pleasure.
These are the roots from which I grew, the sea is an inseparable part of me, so this is not my job but my life. The love for the sea that my mother passed on to me lives on in every trip, sailing, socializing, diving. This is what drives me to be the best, to enjoy my trips together and to share all the wealth that the sea gives us.

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